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Now You Can Have One Household Cleaning Product to Tackle Over 100+ Messes… With No Germs Left Behind, No Clutter, No Fragrance, and NO TOXINS!

FINALLY.. This Compact Household Miracle Makes Your Own Natural Cleaning Solutions - LIMITED STOCK!

Sanitizing Solution
On Demand

Safely Kill 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses
Non-Toxic & Powerful

Make Lifetime Supply of Your Own Cleaning Solution

Maximum quantity available reached.

In Just 3 Minutes
You Can Protect Your Family Against
Harmful Germs and Bacteria. Hospital Grade Sanitizing Guarantee A Healthier Home That Smells and Feels Fresher!

Save Time

Use In 3 Minutes.. That's It!

No Trip to the store. No Waiting for Delivery As Much As You Need Whenever You Need It

All in one Multi-purpose

Make Your Own Degreaser or Disinfectant.

Each Cleaning Formula Uses Only 2 Ingredients

Hospital Grade Sanitizer

Hospitals and doctors use this same technology to generate electrolyzed water to sanitize medical facilities for patients. Now You Can Have One At Home.. It's smaller than a Coffee Pot!

Safe For Everyone

Your body already has this same natural germ fighting power working with your white blood cells to fight off infections.

Nature Proves That It Works.


Make your own sanitizer as effective as Bleach to kill germs BUT... gentle enough to safely spray on your skin or wash your fresh fruits and vegetables... or even that baby pacifier that dropped on the floor.


Glowing, younger looking skin and hair Reduce Problem Skin.
Fight bacteria leading to acne, blemishes or irritations causing dandruff.


With The Rapid Spread of Germs and Viruses, you need more than a few tiny drops of hand sanitizer.

That's Not Enough!
Protect Yourself, Friends and Family. Clean and Sanitize On-Demand You Are In Control

100+ Ways To Use


Healthy Home + Healthy Families

You Deserve To Live Your BEST Life ... Without Toxins


Wish your home was clean enough
"You Could Eat Off Of The Floor"?
... Because babies actually do this

(+ dozens of other unsanitary things we clean up)


Funk-fighting, sweat smell remover

From Pre-treating for cloth diapers... to hard-earned Adult stench

Add a cup of your solution to laundry. Be AMAZED!


We love our Fur Babies but not their stink.
Rinse Pet Toys, litter boxes and poop scoopers.
Eliminate evidence of the pet "Take Over" in air...
and house- training accidents.

Car Care

The family car is a breeding ground for germs. Sanitizing the interior where old french fries and sticky hands have taken the joy out of the ride.

Get that "new car" feeling back.


If you think toilets are germy... mouths are worse!
Kill germs at the source with a quick swish.
Healthy gums and fresh breath that lasts longer.
Pucker Up :)


Spray on woulds, minor cuts + insect bites​

Clean bacteria from makeup brushes...

(Cleaning your brushes weekly... right??)

Help your skin have a flawless glow


Healthier Kids (and Staff)

Fewer Missed Schools Days

Fewer Days Parents Take Off From Work


Spray Everywhere... Yes E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

A common "Over The Counter" or topical form of Hypochlorous Acid is as an ingredient in eye drops, rosecea treatments and removal of eye mites. A splash of the liquid on your skin is safe.

Sports Equipment

Eventhough the game is over, sweat and bacteria are going into overtime.

Sportswear, uniforms, and high tech fabrics stay fresh when wiped down with sanitizer.

Make A Lifetime Supply of Your Own Solution!

Sanity-Solutions™️ Cleaning and Sanitizer Generator

By now we know how much effort goes into keeping a healthy home every single day, and if you don’t have the time, money, or patience to buy expensive "Green" products for every every single thing, these home units are the perfect solution for over 100 types of common uses.

We have a limited supply of our specialized units, and once we sell out, that means THE SECRET IS OUT, and our prices will go up, so take advantage of this opportunity Right Now.

Maximum quantity available reached.

Maintaining a clean and healthy home is hard work, especially if you have kids, pets or are caring for a senior or person with dealing with illness. If you don’t have the time, money, or patience to buy expensive "Green" products, these home units are the perfect way to make your own medical-grade disinfectants and degreasers for

Over 100 Common Ways To Use

We have a VERY limited supply of our specialized units,

Once we sell out, that means THE SECRET IS OUT, and our prices will go up,
so take advantage of this opportunity Right Now.

The 100% No-Risk Promise

Order right now with confidence!

Sanity Solution Generators average $0.004 per batch of the most natural sanitizer you can make.

Grab yours right now, while supplies last!

There’s absolute no-risk in giving it a try!

Even if you just don’t like a clean house, you get a 60 day return policy!

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