Now You Can Have One Household Cleaning Product to Tackle Over 100+ Messes… With No Germs Left Behind, No Clutter, No Fragrance, and NO TOXINS!

FINALLY.. This Compact Household Miracle Makes Your Own Natural Cleaning Solutions - LIMITED STOCK!

Sanitizing Solution
On Demand

Safely Kill 99.9% of Germs Without Bleach or Toxins

Make Lifetime Supply of Your Own Cleaning Solution

By now we know how much effort goes into keeping a healthy home every single day, and if you don’t have the time, money, or patience to buy expensive "Green" products for every every single thing, these home units are the perfect solution for over 100 types of common uses.

We have a limited supply of our specialized units, and once we sell out, that means THE SECRET IS OUT, and our prices will go up, so take advantage of this opportunity Right Now.

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In Just 3 Minutes
You Can Protect Your Family Against
Harmful Germs and Bacteria. Hospital Grade Sanitizing Guarantee A Healthier Home That Smells and Feels Fresher!

Save Time

Use In 3 Minutes.. That's It!

No Trip to the store.

No Waiting for Delivery

As Much As You Need

Whenever You Need It


Make Your Own Degreaser or Disinfectant.

Each Cleaning Formula Uses Only 2 Ingredients


Make your own sanitizer as effective as Bleach to kill germs BUT... gentle enough to safely spray on your skin or wash your fresh fruits and vegetables... or even that baby pacifier that dropped on the floor.


Glowing, younger looking skin and hair Reduce Problem Skin.

Fight bacteria leading to acne, blemishes or irritations causing dandruff.


Hospitals and doctors use this same technology to generate electrolyzed water to sanitize medical facilities for patients.

Now You Can Have One At Home..

It's smaller than a Coffee Pot!


Your body already has this same natural germ fighting power working with your white blood cells to fight off infections.

Nature Proves That It Works.

100+ Ways To Use


Healthy Home + Healthy Families

You Deserve To Live Your BEST Life ... Without Toxins


Wish your home was clean enough

"You Could Eat Off Of The Floor"?

... Because babies actually do this

(+ dozens of other unsanitary things we clean up)


Funk-fighting, sweat smell remover

From Pre-treating for cloth diapers... to hard-earned Adult stench

Add a cup of your solution to laundry. Be AMAZED!

Car Care

The family car is a breeding ground for germs. Sanitizing the interior where old french fries and sticky hands have taken the joy out of the ride.

Get that "new car" feeling back.


We love our Fur Babies but not their stink.

Rinse Pet Toys, litter boxes and poop scoopers.

Eliminate evidence of the pet "Take Over" in air...

and house- training accidents.  



If you think toilets are germy... mouths are worse!

Kill germs at the source with a quick swish.

Healthy gums and fresh breath that lasts longer.

Pucker Up :)


Healthier Kids (and Staff)

Fewer Missed Schools Days

Fewer Days Parents Take Off From Work

Sports Equipment

Eventhough the game is over, sweat and bacteria are going into overtime.

Sportswear, uniforms, and high tech fabrics stay fresh when wiped down with sanitizer.


Spray on woulds, minor cuts + insect bites​

Clean bacteria from makeup brushes...

(Cleaning your brushes weekly... right??)  

Help your skin have a flawless glow


Spray Everywhere... Yes E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

A common "Over The Counter" or topical form of Hypochlorous Acid is as an ingredient in eye drops, rosecea treatments and removal of eye mites. A splash of the liquid on your skin is safe.

Make A Lifetime Supply of Your Own Solution!

By now we know how much effort goes into keeping a healthy home every single day, and if you don’t have the time, money, or patience to buy expensive "Green" products for every every single thing, these home units are the perfect solution for over 100 types of common uses.

We have a limited supply of our specialized units, and once we sell out, that means THE SECRET IS OUT, and our prices will go up, so take advantage of this opportunity Right Now.

4 interest-free payments by QuadPay.


The 100% No-Risk Promise

Order right now with confidence!

Sanity Solution Generators average $0.004 per batch of the most natural sanitizer you can make.

Grab yours right now, while supplies last!

Try it out for 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back!

There’s absolute no-risk in giving it a try.
Even if you just don’t like a clean house, you can get your money back!


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4 interest-free payments by QuadPay.


"This has been life-changing for us, and I use about a liter every day. I just made 2 gallons today, to replenish what I used recently in the laundry, in our humidifier, for soaking fruit and veggies, deodorizing shoes, degreasing stovetops, in foam pumps to dilute soap for washing dishes and hands, the list is always growing for my little family."

2 APR 2017, 12:21

"literally everything. Toilets. Showers. Fruit and veggies. Cleaning up after kids. Cleaning kitchen counters. I want to use it as my all in 1 cleaner. It’s good for absolutely everything!"

Grace Cole

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

"Yes! You won't regret it 😁"

Betty Rivera

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Enjoy Sanity’s primary cleaning solutions?

Our generators produce two kinds of natural cleaning agents: a surface cleaner and a sanitizer .

LoveClean is a highly powerful all-natural alkaline water solution. LoveSan is hypochlorous acid, the same thing your body produces in response to an infection.

Are they completely non-toxic?

All solutions are nontoxic. This means there are no harmful effects if casual contact occurs. Parents and care-givers need not worry about exposing employees, customers or patrons to hazardous environments in order to keep their spaces clean. One Scientist found that the acid water killed E. coli, salmonella, listeria and other nasty pathogens. Yet it was gentle enough to soothe her children’s sunburns and acne.

What sort of official approvals and validations has these devices obtained?

Our HOCL generating equipment is patent-protected and EPA-registered. The solutions have been granted an official Green Seal Certification.

How is this more effective than traditional store bought chemicals?

Chemical disinfectants typically confront pathogens by attempting to permeate the lining and enter the nucleus of the cell. If the disinfectant is too weak or depleted by the time it permeates and cannot kill the cell, as is often the case, then that pathogen becomes resistant to said disinfectant.

Within a few minutes, you can make a super effective natural method to kill almost immediately on contact. As soon as you put the liquid in contact with the pathogen, the cell protein disintegrates and dies. Under this type of assault, pathogens are simply unable to mutate into stronger forms.

In particular, Chemicals have been shown ineffective at killing the antibiotic-resistant superbugs wreaking havoc on millions of people all over the world. A 2014 report from the British government posited that superbugs are on track to kill more than cancer by 2050. The time for a new solution is past due.

Are chemicals REALLY that bad for us?

The hazards of exposure to harsh chemicals are well documented across all industries, producing cancerous, respiratory, deformation and environmental epidemics all over the world. Through inhalation, ingestion and skin contact, chemicals steadily poison our daily lives.

Users of Sanity Solutions have reported countless benefits from going chemical-free. They are no longer exposed to carcinogens. Their regional water supplies are spared high dosages of toxicity. They have cut down on their use of plastic bottles. And their environments do not reek of unnatural odors that shock the senses, cause headaches and give the illusion of clean.

Electrolyzed water has been around for a long time. What’s so special about Enjoy Sanity’s solutions?

It’s true, electrolysis technology dates back to the 1960s. In the U.S., however, companies producing these solutions have only begun to seek and receive EPA registration as known cleansers and disinfectants. Among those, there are few solutions that are as versatile, effective and gentle on everything cleaning baby pacifiers to dis-infecting bathrooms and removing bacterial and food contaminants in the kitchen.

If it’s been around for decades and it’s as good as you say it is, why isn’t it everywhere?

There are two important answers to this question.

One is that electrolyzed water has already been adopted in many parts of the world as a safer and more effective alternative to chemicals. In Japan, for instance, e-water is the norm, and they reap the benefits of lower infection rates and minimized pathogenic growth. While America lags a bit in implementation, many domestic facilities are fed up with the hazards of chemicals and off-the-charts microbial counts and are changing over to our natural solutions in a hurry.

The second answer is that up until now there has been a serious impediment to widespread application of e-water—namely, that it is most often found in commercial settings such as hospitals, medicals facilities and meat production .

As mentioned above, the reason Viking Pure equipment is patented is that we have developed an innovation in the production process of e-water that removes salt from the final solution. This means facilities can use Viking Pure’s electrostatic spray to cover every inch of their premises, killing germs on contact without risk of corrosion.

Put simply, this is the innovation the world has been waiting for to usher e-water into the mainstream.

Doesn’t e-water lose its potency very quickly?

By producing these solutions on site using our patent-protected e-water generators, shelf life is no longer an issue. This means cleaning crews have unlimited access to as much e-water as their facilities demand, with the same level of maintenance it takes to gas up your car. On-site generators empower you to have unprecedented control and an endless supply whenever you need it.

How is the sanitizing solution used?

The liquid can be put into a spray bottle, directly on a cleaning cloth or poured directly over the location you want to clean.

The electrostatic sprayer works by sending a positive electric charge through the e-water, causing it to be attracted to negatively charged surfaces like two poles of a magnet. This technology removes the liability of human error from the cleaning process. Surfaces that may have been missed by grueling manual cleaning or those that may not be in plain sight are misted by the e-water automatically. The spraying process ensures that potentially contaminated areas are clean and sanitized, and all pathogens destroyed. The technology is invaluable in preventing the spread of illness and disease.

What’s more, it takes the slog and arduousness out of daily cleaning. As the facility manager of one of VP’s partner’s put it: “I Conquer The Invisible”

Will I really save money?

Every person and business is different and we cannot pretend to know how much you are currently spending to keep your facility clean. What we can say is that in most cases our generators pay for themselves in no time. It is simply cheaper to produce natural solutions on your own terms than it is to buy harmful chemicals on a regular basis.

This is to say nothing of the reduced costs and increased efficiency of manual labor—employing the use of electrostatic spray—the savings that will come from reduced employee sick time and a refined reputation in a modern society where non-toxicity is the new normal.


Most Popular

One Bottle

($229.99 Each)


Two Bottles



Three Bottles



4 interest-free payments by QuadPay.